Who Is Cal?

Who is Cal and why was a series of four novels written about her?

Our Gal Cal, from BearManor Fiction!

A 4-novel series in 1 volume, written for women.


Ever wonder what would happen if a rather sheltered teen girl from the Bible Belt was transplanted onto the sound stage of a Hollywood teen flick? In this series of novels, Cal (short for “Calamity”) was taught (sometimes patiently, sometimes not) by a seasoned actor named Leonard Rhoads all the things one needs to know to be a professional actress. He also gave her valuable life lessons that would be crucial in years to come. Serving as a surrogate mother to Cal was Leonard’s gentle wife, Jill. But, of course, no novel – not even a very informative one – is complete without a villain. Enter Nate Jenkins, stage right. A benevolent teen heartthrob on screen, he was a scoundrel off-stage with powerful connections and an intriguing past that was kept out of the newspapers. Nate tried to teach Cal some things, too, but they weren’t good things. Mentioned in Cal’s story are many of the productions and players familiar to the Baby Boomer generation:  Lassie, Annette Funicello, Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate, Tom Jones, Cleopatra, Sonny and Cher, Laugh-In. The Ed Sullivan Show, etc.

Our Gal Cal was originally written as a series of 4 novels, spanning from Cal’s teen years to her forties, but has now been incorporated into one 4-part novel of 610 pages. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Many thanks to artist Blythe Russo for the fine artwork on both the book’s cover and on this blog. Thanks, too, to Joshua J. Stewart for the 2nd edition cover.


Comments on: "Who Is Cal?" (5)

  1. I participated in a multi-author event lately, and it was so cool that I hadn’t even finished setting up my table yet when a copy of “Our Gal Cal” sold. Isn’t that a great way to start the day?

  2. Our Gal Cal is also available as a Kindle download for $5.99 at Amazon and as a PDF download for $29.95 through the BearManor Media website. Hmmm, which should I choose? What a tough decision! LOL

  3. A fun book! Well written and wholesome. Highly recommended.

  4. Now how cool is this? The editor of my book, Annette Lloyd, posted a wonderful review of it on Amazon. She refers to it as “A Gal Named Cal” because that was its working title while she was going over it.

  5. Thanks for joining the IWSG! Looking forward to your first post on January 4.

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